Kamis, 22 Agustus 2013

Lirik lagu agnes monica: Things will get better

\Agnes Monica - Things will get better
 I'm the one that always been here
Even through the darkest nights
Unbreak the tide for you and me
All i ever needed was you
You never have the worry at all
What happen to us
What happen to loveEvery step seems just a lil better
Your mistakes don't really seem to matter
I won't let go we're okayAs long as i got you and you got me..
I've been saying to myself BE STRONGERWe can work it outIt's gonna take a lil bit longer
As long as i got you And you got me
You say.. Things will get better..And the mirror's never been 
so clear Every shadow like a broken glass
Can we mend the past with me
And you.. Maybe i should face the truth
I need you to be what i know you can beDon't give up on us..Don't give up on love..As long as i got you And you got meYou say.. Things will get better..Things will get better.. Tell me..Things will get better..  x

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